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This is a multilingual lovesong perfomed by the German artist Bodo Wartke in English and many other languages, such as Mandarin, Finish, French, Russian and even Klingon! The ending is especially nice c:

Video game trailer scenery—Assassin’s Creed series

Track Title: Army Of Dolls

Artist: Delain

Album: The Human Contradiction


Delain | Army Of Dolls

Your misery won’t make you look thinner
Reality is bitter

Track Title: Warriors

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Album: Warriors


Check out this new League of Legends animated music video celebrating the upcoming world finals in Seoul Korea!

Music by Imagine Dragons!!


Warriors - 2014 World Championship


when you’re so thirsty for new fic of your OTP that you can physically feel your standards dropping

I’m gonna make this right.


Will the circle be unbroken by and by, b y  a n d  b y ?
Is a better home awaiting in the sky, i n  t h e  s k y ?

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We become who we’re meant to be (x)


this au shall now proliferate under the tag #noir age


introduced species by Lena “len-yan”
(A World of Fantasy)


introduced species by Lena “len-yan”

(A World of Fantasy)